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New test: Dots Concentration Test

Dots Concentration Test (also dubbed Group Bourdon Test) is a train driver aptitude test mainly used in the UK. It measures focus and attentiveness of the test taker by detecting a particular dot group in a big block of dots.

DCO Dots Concentration Test

Dots Concentration Test is available in RailTest® software from now on (2020/07/12).

Current RailTest® versions are:
For Windows®: 3.0.9 (updated automatically, or through railtest.com customer area)
For Mac OS®: 3.0.5 (update through railtest.com customer area)
For iOS/iPad®: 3.0.7 (update through App Store®)




New test: Signal Detection Test

We released a new RailTest® version containing the preparation module for Signal Detection Test which is used for example with SBB Swiss Federal Railways. At Signal Detection Test dots appear on screen randomly and you have to respond to square constellations.

SGD Signal Detection Test

Current RailTest® versions are:
For Windows®: 3.0.8 (updated automatically, or through railtest.com customer area)
For Mac OS®: 3.0.4 (update through railtest.com customer area)
For iOS/iPad®: 3.0.4 (update through App Store®) (2020/06/19)




New tests: Cube Folding and Cube Comparison Test

In assessment centers of the railway companies, the spatial orientation of the applicant is often checked using cube tests. Therefore we have added two corresponding modules in the RailTest® training software: Cube Folding Test and Cube Comparison Test.

Windows version owners will receive an automatic update next time they exit the program. Mac users can download the updated version from the customer area at railtest.com. Users of the iPad app can get the update at the App Store. (2020/06/16)




RailTest®: Now available for iPad

RailTest® Preparation Software for Train Driver Aptitude Tests is available also for iOS/iPad® from now on. The iPad® version has all the features and test content of the desktop versions but is optimized for touch. Joystick tasks are controlled via virtual joysticks on the touchscreen.

The iPad® version can be downloaded directly from the App Store® (2020/06/12).




RailTest®: Now available for Mac OS

RailTest® Preparation Software for Train Driver Aptitude Tests is available also on Mac from now on (there is required Mac OS High Sierra at least).

Interested customers who already own a license for the Windows version will get the Mac version free of charge. If you are interested in, please send a quick message via support messenger (see tab on the left in program) or by e-mail (2020/05/07)






With RailTest® from pilot to train driver

In COVID-19 crisis, many pilots have to be creative when looking for a job and have to choose jobs also outside the aviation industry. One option is to switch from the air to the rail, to start as a lateral entrant as train driver after several months of training. Railway companies in the whole world have hundreds of vacancies in their cabs.

Also train drivers must pass psychological-diagnostic performance checks. To prepare for these aptitude tests, SkyTest® is launching the new RailTest® product line, to practise appropriate tests in advance. Further information on RailTest® are available at www.railtest.com (2020/05/08)






NEW: RailTest® Test Preparation for Train Drivers

Train drivers have to undergo a regular performance check both at the beginning of their careers in the application process and later during active professional life, in accordance with EU guidelines (Directive 2007/59 / EC). In psychological-diagnostic examinations, the safety-relevant cognitive and psychomotor skills as well as various personality traits are assessed in order to determine driving suitability as a train driver.

With RailTest®, the training service SkyTest®, already established in aviation and used by thousands of pilots and air traffic controllers, is launching a new product range for rail traffic. RailTest® offers train drivers of railway companies, city trains, underground and trams a modern, didactically well-thought-out training software for Windows™, Mac OS™ and iPad™, which can be used to practice computer-based aptitude tests in advance on your own computer or tablet. RailTest® software is available for EUR 49.90 at www.railtest.com. (2020/04/17)


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