Supplement your preparation by mobile training
on your iPhone™ or Android™ device.

SkyTest® BU/GU Lite

Practise for your airline or ATC pre-hiring DLR screening on the go with the all new SkyTest® Lite app.

The app comprises eight training modules for DLR BU/GU test preparation: Cube Folding Test (PPT), Cube Rotation Test (ROT), Perceptual Speed (OWT), Running Memory Span Test (RMS), Shape Recognition Test (VFF), Spatial Orientation (VLR), Triangle Test (SKT) and Visual Memory Capacity (VMC). Each module has the predefined levels with increasing difficulty. Price: EUR 17.99
Please note that SkyTest® Lite app is meant a mobile complement to the SkyTest® desktop software. It is strongly recommended to use the SkyTest® desktop software for a truely comprehensive screening preparation as it provides a complete set of training modules and didactic auxiliaries like SkyTest® Training Assistant, SkyTest® Cloud and stat tools.

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SkyTest® BU/GU Lite
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