Frequently Asked Questions

RailTest® Preparation Software

1. The program interface is only partially displayed (elements and the text are shifted).

It seems that the scaling size of text and other interface elements have been set to a bigger size than 100% in Windows Control Panel.
Please open Windows Control Panel, Display settings. There you can adjust the scale size for example to 100%.

2. The setup program will not start.

If you are using an anti virus tool running on your computer it may block the access. Please define an exception in the anti virus tool settings.

3. The software closes suddenly, a few seconds after the start.

The problem may be caused by an antivirus or firewall tool that stops the SkyTest software.
Define an exception for the SkyTest program in the settings of your anti-virus / firewall tool so that it is no longer verified.

4. RailTest® Preparation Software does not connect to the server (the connection icon in the bottom right corner is red).

If RailTest program cannot connect to the internet, please first of all, check the connection settings in Options menu of the program. There have to be set both checkmarks.

Furthermore, please check the settings of your firewall tool and define an exception there for RailTest program, so it is allowed to connect to our server. Then the connection icon in bottom right corner of main menu will turn green.

5. I use a computer with Hungarian system. I have several problems with the stored statistic data.

Unfortunately the software doesn't support Hungarian systems at the moment. First of all please open the options menu in the software and click on the "Reset statistics" button. Then please quit the software and open the Windows System Settings and go to Regional and Language Settings. Change the setting e.g. to English (UK).

6. Is RailTest® compatible with Vista®?

Yes, RailTest® Preparation Software is compatible with Windows® Vista®.

7. RailTest® software requires activation key at any start of program and does not save training scores.

This problem might occur if the software has been installed to a folder of limited administration rights in a Microsoft Windows Vista™ system environment. To adjust settings, click with the right mouse button on the folder and assign full administration rights to all users and SYSTEM.  If the problem still exists, open the software in Administrator Mode.

8. I purchased two RailTest® software products and experience problems activating the software.

This problem might occur if you installed the software to the same folder. Install the software products to separate folders and restart activation.

9. I experience problems in graphic output of the software.

This problem can be solved by adjusting DPI settings of your screen to 90 to 96 DPI at display options menu of your system environment.

10. My netbook screen displays software in excerpts only.

RailTest® preparation software requires a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Change display settings at Windows® Control Panel at "Display Options" to this resolution. If a 1024 x 768 screen resolution is not available please click on "Advanced Settings" and deactivate the option that screen resolutions is not supported by your monitor are not for choice at screen settings.

Alternatively, you may scroll software surface into display with your mouse.

11. May I sell used RailTest® software products.

Under governing license agreements subject to our terms and conditions, RailTest® software products may not be resold. Activation will fail with secondary users.